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Game Design Document


Game Title (Coming Soon)

One-page design document.

Game Identity / Mantra:

Speed running action platformer about a dog trying not to get caught by the dog catchers.

Design Pillars:

Fast. Tense. Action-filled.

Genre/Story/Mechanics Summary:

This game uses a timer mechanic and obstacles to keep from being caught by the dog catcher. The dog gets left behind on a trip and has to find its way home while trying to outrun dog catchers and avoid obstacles that will slow it down. It can collect doggy treats to gain more time to avoid capture.


  • Run off timer
  • Time booster by collection


  • Left (A | <~)
  • Right (D | ~>)
  • Jump (Space)
  • Run into objects to collect
  • Run into enemy to die

Art Style:


Uptempo Music, Small dog barking during collection, evil laugh when player die.

Development Roadmap / Launch Criteria:

Platform: WebGL        Audience: 7 yr +/Female/Side-scroller platformer

Milestone 1: Mechanics complete – 5/8/18Milestone 2: Boss fights complete – 5/9/18Milestone 3: Levels complete –  5/15/18 Milestone 4: Polish complete – 5/19/18—————————Launch Day: 5/19/18

First Full Game Jam


After some time dealing with work and life, I finally have the time this summer to do a game jam. I actually might end up doing two or three game jams this summer.

For the people who don’t know what a “Game Jam” is, it is basically a hackathon for game development. You would spend 72 hours straight working on developing a game from scratch. Very similar to a hackathon just related to gaming.

I won’t be doing that in this or any other game jam or hackathon events. Mainly because I love to sleep in my own bed and I have too many responsibilities to be out like that. Not only that since I can’t possibly spend a straight 72 hours working on a project I decided to look for one that gives me a lot more time.

While I was following a course on game development using Unity 3D game engine the Instructor decides to run a game jam for all of his students. It would be the first of many of his students looking to learn how to make games to actually create a game. I was excited at the time but with everything I had on my plate, I knew I just wouldn’t have the time. I tried anyway and got stuck trying to create a 3D maze, which I probably should have gone about it another way.

This time I have two weeks to complete a whole game based on a concept my oldest daughter provide. The game jam theme is End of Time which can be interpreted any way I like. I will go with a simple 2D or 2.5D platformer game and will figure out how to go about everything else in the next couple days. I plan to learn a lot and work with my daughters to make a fun creative game that they will enjoy playing.